Commercial Operators

Commercial Sectional Operator

The industry’s most comprehensive line of commercial operators. Our operators will fit most any application.

Model Max. Height Max. LBS. Mounting Configurations
RHX 24' 1650 lbs. Standard, Side Mount, Dual Trolley
with Hoist: Side Mount, Center Mount
chain couple or direct couple
RSX 24' 1620 lbs. Trolley, Side Mount, Center Mount
RMX 14' 620 lbs. Trolly or Side Mount
RDX M 33' 500 lbs. Side Mount
RDX S 40' 900 lbs. Side Mount
RDX S-H 40' 900 lbs. Side Mount

Rolling Door Operator

Rolling Door Operator

Choose from our comprehensive line of operators specially designed to fit our Rolling Doors.

Model Duty Type Mounting Configurations
RHX Heavy True Gear Head With Hoist, Front-of-Hood,
Top-of-Hood, Bench Mount,
Wall Mount
RSX Standard Belt Driven Front-of-Hood, Top-of-Hood,
Wall Mount
RMX Medium Belt Driven Wall Mounted

Counter Door Operators

Rolling Doors are available for a wide range of applications and situations.

Model Type Mounting Configurations
CDO Gear-Reduced Front of Hood
RMX Belt Driven Wall Mounted

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