104 Series

Pure elegance. Each rail, stile and solid wood panel of the 104 Series is master-crafted from exotic Meranti mahogany hardwood, then sanded to a lustrous finish. In addition, panels are precision-cut, routed, joined and raised on one side for a handsome, heavy-relief appearance. It's a distinctive and lasting addition to the value and architectural style of your home.


  • Exceptional Strength- Meranti center stiles are 2-3/4" and the intermediate rails, also of meranti, measure 3-11/16" per pair - exceeding industry standards for strength.

  • Durable Construction- The top and bottom rails and end stiles of the Signature door are 4-7/8" wide and crafted from clear-heart meranti hardwood. This provides a distinctive style and exceptional strength.

Door Widths and Panel Styles

Door Heights 7'0" and 8'0"
Width Panel Style
8'0" 35, 65, 36, 66
9'0" 35, 75, 36, 76
10'0" 35, 85, 36, 86
16'0" 45, 135, 46, 136
18'0" 55, 155, 56, 156

25 35 65
75 85  
45 55
85 125
135 145
For additional configurations and sizes other than shown, please contact us.

Individualize with Windows

You can also replace one or more solid door panels with optional window panels. For details about our wide variety of beautifully designed standard and custom Signature Series window panels. Here are a few samples of the options available.



Series 104 garage doors are backed by a one-year, non-transferable, limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.