What are the six components of an Overhead Door garage door opener safety system?

1. Safe-T-Beam Non-Contact Reversing System: Places an invisible infrared beam across the door opening that reverses the door during down travel to the fully open position if anything passes through the beam.

2. Safe-T-Reverse Contact Reversing System: Automatically stops and reverses a closing door within 2 seconds of contact with an object. Remember, force controls must be adjusted properly.

3. Safe-T-Stop Timed Reverse System: Automatically opens a closing door if the door does not close within 30 seconds.

4. Force Guard Control: Allows user to set the MINIMUM force needed to fully open and close the door.

5. Automatic Lighting System: Light will turn on each time the door is activated and automatically turns off 4-1/2 minutes later.

6. Manual Emergency Release: Allows the garage door to be opened or closed manually for emergencies or maintenance.