Series 665

The richness and warmth of natural wood make the 665 Series a natural choice for applications where a wood counter door is desired to complement interior design elements. These handsome, handcrafted, rolling counter doors are offered in a variety of wood species to permit nearly unlimited design flexibility — as well as unequalled beauty. Available to fit openings up to 15'9" wide by 8'4" high (4801 mm by 2539 mm), the 665 Series lends unsurpassed elegance for applications in hotels, banks, churches, libraries and offices.

Standard Features

  • Max. Standard Width - 15'9" (4801 mm)

  • Max. Standard Height - 8'4" (2539 mm)

  • Curtain -

      Standard - Red Oak
      Available - Douglas Fir, White Oak, Birch and Exotic Wood Species

  • Slats - Wood Slats, 1 5/8" (41.27 mm) High by 1/2" (13 mm) Thick

  • Finish - Unfinished

  • Guides - Wood to Match Slats

  • Bottom Bar - Wood to Match Slats

  • Operation - Push-Up

  • Mounting - Face of Wall, Between Jambs

  • Lock - Thumbturns

  • Warranty - 15-Month Limited


  • Crank Operation
  • Electric Operation
  • Additional Wood Species: White Oak, Birch, or Exotic
  • Hood in Wood to Match Slats or Aluminum
  • Aluminum Guides
  • Cylinder Lock

Part 1 General

1.01 Work Included
The rolling counter doors shall be Series 665 as manufactured by Overhead Door Corporation.

1.02 Quality Assurance
In accordance with accepted quality assurance guidelines for motor-operated doors, both the rolling counter door and electric operator (optional) shall be provided by a single-source such as Overhead Door Corporation.

Part 2 Product

2.01 Curtain
Wood slats, 1 3/4" (16 mm) high by 1/2" (13 mm) thick. Bottom bar shall have thumbturns.

2.02 Slat Materials and Finish
Red oak (Douglas fir) (Birch) (White oak) (Custom) wood provided unfinished.

2.03 Guides
Guides shall be wood matching the slat material. (Aluminum)

2.04 Brackets
Brackets shall be steel to support the curtain, counterbalance and hood.

2.05 Counterbalance
Counterbalance shall be helical torsion springs housed in a steel pipe barrel, supporting the curtain with deflection limited to .03" per foot of span (2.5 mm/m of span). Counterbalance shall be adjustable by means of an adjusting tension wheel.

2.06 Hood
Hood is not required. (Wood to match the slats. Intermediate support brackets shall be furnished to support hood where required.)

2.07 Operation
Doors shall be manual push-up. (Optional crank or motor operation.)

2.08 Locks
Locking shall be thumbturn. (Optional cylinder locks.)

2.09 Wall Mounting Condition
(Face-of-wall mounting.) (Between jambs mounting.)

2.10 Finish
Doors are provided without finish and must be finish sanded.

Part 3 Execution

3.01 Execution
Install the rolling counter doors in accordance with Overhead Door Corporation instructions and standards. Installation shall be by an authorized Overhead Door Corporation representative.

* Note to specifiers: The specification is a suggested guide. Available options are shown in parentheses.

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