Anything I need to know about installing garage door opener in general?

Make sure that the garage door is properly braced…both the garage door section (usually the top section). Additionally, check the stile that attaches to the drawbar bracket. You may want to consider a full-section steel plate to provide more support for the garage door.

Place the GREEN Safe-T-Beam sensor on the side of the garage that gets the LEAST amount of direct sun. If you have a double bay garage, place the two RED Safe-T-Beam sensors back-to- back so that they are sending the IR light beam away from each other. This will minimize “cross-talk”.

When programming a garage door opener…keep the transmitter (remote control) at least 24” away from the power head.

Do not use WD40…it will degrade screw drive grease and cause it to drip off the screw.

On a Python 2… make sure that the carriage slide is between the magnetic limits before operating the unit. The activator magnet is in the center of the slide.

ALWAYS set the minimal amount of force required to lift a garage door.