Which drive type is better… chain, belt or screw?

This is similar to asking a person who is purchasing an automobile…which is better…a V6 or a V8? The answer depends on what is important to the consumer… gas mileage, torque, emissions, etc. The same is true for consumers purchasing garage door openers. You will need to determine what is truly important to you. For example:

1. (Dependability) How often do you enter/exit your home through the garage versus the front entry door?

2. (Accessories) How many automobiles and drivers are there?

3. (Quiet) Do you have living areas/ bedrooms above or adjacent to the garage?

4. (Motor Power) What type of garage door do you have on your home?

5. (Reliability) Do you value the “peace of mind” associated with strong warranties?

6. (Clearance) Do you have any structural issues with your garage such as headroom, back hang distance or obstructions?

7. (Quality) Do you prefer products built in the U.S.A.?