Counter Fire Doors

Red Counter Door

The Models 640 and 641 doors are ideal for openings requiring a counter-type fire-rated door. Common applications include factories, schools, concessions, hospitals, cafeterias and retail settings. Labeled with either a 3-hour Class A rating for masonry applications, or a 1 1/2-hour Class B label in non-masonry fire walls, these doors are designed to expand upward in a fire, allowing the guides to be installed flush with the sill. Their compact, box-like form also provides an attractive finished appearance that requires minimum sideroom. The Model 640 has exposed components made of primed galvanized steel while the Model 641 exposed components are of stainless steel.

Application Chart

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Standard Features at a Glance

  • Available with UL, ULC and FM (optional) 3-hour (optional) Class A labels for masonry fire walls
  • Available with UL, ULC and FM (optional) 1 1/2- hour Class B label for applications in non-masonry fire walls of dry wall with wood, steel studs, or steel tube jambs
  • NFPA-80 compliant
  • Fusible link separates at 165°F (74°C) to automatically close the door
  • Governor controls rate of door descent during a fire
  • Compact box guide design for an attractive appearance
  • Upward-expanding guide design for flush to countertop installation
  • Flat slat curtain design in primed galvanized steel finish (Model 640) or No. 4 stainless steel finish (Model 641)
  • Slide bolt locking on push-up/crank


  • Flame baffle system (required for optional FM label)
  • Fire Sentinel® time-delay release device
  • FireLite® vision lites in 3- and 1 1/2-hour curtains
  • Firestop® fire-resistant core countertops surfaced with the most popular brands of decorative laminates
  • UL-listed brush-type smoke seals
  • Photoelectric or ionization-type smoke detectors
  • Crank or electric operation
  • Electric operation does not require tension reset after drop test or closure due to power loss
  • Powder-coat paint finish offered in 197 custom colors, or color-matched to architect’s specification
  • 20 minute UL smoke label on 640/641 doors up to 12'0" wide x 10'0" high opening

  • Slat Data

    Red Counter Door

    Thru 14'0"
    (4267 mm)
    Thru 14'0"
    (4267 mm)
    22ga. ss.

    Door Clearance Elevation

    Operation: Push-up, crank, or electric.

    Face-Of-Wall Mounted

    *Optional 1-1/2 hour fire rated countertop available up to 48" (1.2 m) deep and
    15' (4.5 m) long.

    Between Jambs Mounted


    Dimension A

    Wall Opening Heights up to 10'0" (3048 mm) F128 Slat

    Maximum Wall Opening Height

    Thru 5'0" (1524 mm)
    10" (254 mm)
    Thru 10'0" (3048 mm)
    12" (305 mm)
    Slats are galvanized and painted

    Dimension B

    Wall Opening Widths up to 14'0" (4267 mm) F128 Slat

    Maximum Wall Opening Height

    Thru 8'0" (2438 mm)
    4-15/16" (125 mm) + setback
    Thru 14'0" (4267 mm)
    5-5/8" (143 mm) + setback

    Dimension C

    Rated Counter Top Coil Side Dimension

    Maximum Wall Opening Height

    Minimum C

    Up to 5'0" (1524 mm)
    3-1/2" (89 mm)
    5'1" to 6'0" (to 1829 mm)
    4" (101 mm)
    6'1" to 8'0" (to 2438 mm)
    4-1/2" (114 mm)
    8'1" to 10'0" (to 3048 mm)
    5-1/2" (139 mm)

    Dimension G

    Wall Opening Widths up to 14'0" (4267 mm) F128 Slat

    Maximum Wall Opening Height

    Thru 8'0" (2438 mm)
    1-15/16" (49 mm)
    Thru 14'0" (4267 mm)
    2-5/8" (67 mm)

    Wall Opening Widths up to 12'11" (3937 mm) F128 Slat

    Maximum Wall Opening Height

    Expansion Gap

    Thru 4'0" (1219 mm)
    3/4" (19 mm)
    Thru 6'0" (to 1829 mm)
    1-1/8" (28 mm)
    Thru 8'0" (to 2438 mm)
    1-1/2" (38 mm)
    Thru 10'0" (to 3048 mm)
    1-7/8" (47 mm)
    Thru 11'2" (to 3353 mm)
    2" (51 mm)

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